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professional Matchmaking services

If you are frustrated with your current dating situation and ready to make a real change, you should seriously consider becoming a matchmaking client with Caliber Match.

A matchmaking client is a single person who decides to take a proactive approach to finding love instead of waiting around for love to find them. They're serious about finding a real relationship and they see the value in hiring Emily and her professional Caliber Matchmaker team to do what they do best - find a caliber match for them!

At Caliber Match, we take the relationships we have with our clients very seriously. When you become a Caliber Match client, we get to know you on a very personal and intimate level. We communicate in person, on the phone, through video via Skype... whatever best suits the situation. We find out detailed information about your life, what you've been through, where you are now, what you're looking for, what your goals and expectations are, what you want, and what you need. We cover it all!

Once we feel we know all we need to know about you, we begin searching for matches for you. We use our singles member base (that's you currently!) first and foremost to find matches. If no suitable matches are found there, we go out in to the “real world”. We have amazing, trained scouts across the country that help us look for specific types of people that match your needs. We also have personal connections with a network of professional matchmakers throughout the nation. One way or another, it's our goal to find you your Caliber Match!

We're not a dating service. We don't try to fill our clients' quotas. We aim to make sure our clients all leave us happy and in love! Before and after each match introduction, we talk to both the client and their match to make sure their questions are answered. We “debrief” both parties after the introduction to ensure we're always moving forward in the right direction, always in alignment with our clients' wants and needs.

If you think matchmaking might be for you, let's find out! Complete the form below and we'll contact you to set up your 20 minute matchmaking consultation to see if you're a good candidate and if you'd like to proceed.