“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
- John C. Maxwell

Caliber Match began with one goal in mind - to bring people together. We provide a relaxed, comfortable, and successful experience to single people everywhere who want and need help finding love.

Most matchmakers only work in select areas. Rarely will a matchmaking company offer their services or accept clients in EVERY STATE. Through both personal and professional networks and experiences, we have developed our unique nation-wide process, allowing singles everywhere to utilize our services instead of limiting our client and match base to a specific location or area.

In the interest of being able to help as many people as possible, we now offer many programs and options. No matter how much or how little help you want or need, no matter where you live or where you want us to search, we can help you.

Finding love doesn't have to be so complicated. Let us show you a different way to date!


Our matchmaking model allows us to help anyone, anywhere, across the US, while still offering the experience and personal touch of a small, boutique matchmaking firm. We genuinely care about our clients and our singles community members. Our goal is to help quality singles (who wouldn't otherwise be introduced) find each other.

We get to know our clients on an intimate, one-on-one level so we fully understand them and what they're looking for. When it's time to search for matches, we first utilize both our own exclusive member database and our national network of trained scouts. We also have an extensive network of recruiters, modeling scouts, agents, and other matchmakers from across the US that we work closely with. We aren't limited to one or two resources – we cast the largest net possible to find amazing matches every time. While many matchmakers claim to have an extensive database with thousands of singles, they are usually limited to one select area. The benefit of our database is that it spans from coast to coast and encompasses the largest area of singles possible! This ensures we are not limited to one location, and this ultimately benefits every single one of our clients.

All matches are screened before any introduction is made so our clients can relax, knowing that we've already compared important things, like lifestyles, goals, personalities, deal-breakers, interests, and outlook on life. After each introduction, we check in with both parties to obtain feedback that ultimately helps us fine-tune and hone in on what our clients need. We are always growing with and adapting to our clients' needs to better our chances of success.


We do not allow our members or clients to browse each other. This ensures that our services are kept private, confidential, and discreet, and that any match or introduction is made by our professional matchmakers. We will never publicize your information or photos with anyone. Our clients and members know that their privacy is safe with us.


Emily Hellman

Founder, CEO, Matchmaker

Emily Hellman is one of the nation's top relationship experts and matchmakers. She founded Caliber Match on the principles of integrity, patience, honesty and above all, helping others find love. Emily has always had a natural gift for reading people's personalities and quickly assessing what makes them tick. Her education and background is in psychology and various coaching, such as life, fitness and nutrition. Emily believes in a holistic approach to matching and coaching, meaning analysis and consideration of the "whole person", and not just certain aspects. "Two broken hearts can't make a whole," is her quote regarding this concept.

Emily has established and maintained a wide variety of networks throughout the United States and parts of Canada through various industries including matchmaking, fitness, modeling, television and travel. There is tremendous value in utilizing her networks while scouting for her clients. No matter where a client may reside, Emily has a wealth of resources to facilitate their quest for love. Emily's core belief resonates in finding love and she firmly believes it can be one of the most amazing experiences in anyone's life. Emily feels rewarded when her clients are successful in their search for their Caliber Match.

Emily has been featured on major television networks, national television and radio marketing campaigns and covers of national magazine publications. Her specialties include professional matchmaking and date & relationship coaching.